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Technical Associates

Technical Associates was founded in 1980 in Albany, Georgia. The growing trend at that time for large industrial manufacturing companies was to engage outside engineering partners for more support in the execution of ongoing plant support projects as well as larger capital investment projects. TA’s leadership recognized that this trend would continue and that a truly client focused engineering company with a strong base of highly skilled engineers would provide significant value as a supplement to manufacturers whose internal technical resource pool was becoming more limited.

Our founders knew if their company would constantly strive to be an integral and important part of the customer’s project team in an environment where a trusted and talented partner was needed, and if they attracted the right mix of technical talent, sharp management, and relationship driven individuals, the company would have the necessary ingredients to thrive……..and they were right. Our company’s success has been, is, and always will be delivered on the shoulders of the great people who work here. Our leadership is keenly aware of this and honors the tradition of hiring highly talented and motivated individuals.

TA began small and at a local level in Albany, Georgia. Start-up companies can be fragile and TA was no exception. Every project was vital and as each resource was added, the culture and philosophy that would later become a mission statement, was instilled and applied. The mission, ‘alignment of objectives & excellence in execution’ became the foundation of a company that, more than 30 years later, continues to enjoy solid, trusting, and ongoing business relationships with those first customers who took a chance on an upstart whose mission was to support their success.

From those humble beginnings and thanks to continued support from customers who came to rely on TA for their ongoing engineering and technical project needs, our company has made the most of its opportunities. Today, TA continues on its journey toward growth and the continued diversification of our client base as well as the services we offer. Our determined pursuit of continuous improvement on project delivery as well as our future business growth will ensure that we remain strong and “at the ready” to deliver on our commitment to exceed every customers expectations.

From the outset, TA leadership remained focused on keeping the company financially strong as many businesses fail to meet those early and crucial financial commitments. TA slowly and steadily built on early project success and kept a sharp focus on controlling costs, reinvesting smartly, and growing wisely. Our company’s financial success is critical and the early philosophies of running a lean and efficient operation are still applied successfully today.

As a business, it is critical to remain financially strong for our employee shareholders, our vendors, our suppliers, and for our customers. Therefore we must be efficient and vigilant so that we may return to the business a fair and reasonable profit. But our culture mandates that quality and superior delivery will never take a backseat to a profit objective. They must be, and are for TA, inextricably linked.

Thank you for your interest in Technical Associates. We are proud of our heritage and are looking forward to a prosperous future. To the right, there is a timeline of our company’s evolution. We eagerly look forward as we watch each generation of associates push TA toward greater success.

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From left to right:
Mike Harrison (Co-Founder), Graham Thompson (President of Engineering), Randy Wages (Co-Founder), John Hogue (President of Operations)

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