Technical Associates

John Graham

John F. Hogue Jr., P.E.
President of Operations
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Graham Thompson, P.E.
President of Engineering
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It has been written, “A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader but a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves”. It is with these powerful words in mind that we, as the executive leadership of Technical Associates, endeavor to not only place the right people in the key positions of our company, but to also give them the empowerment, the systems, the guidance, the support, the expectations, and the right environment for them to lead and inspire those who work for them just as they inspire us with their blend of talent, drive, and outstanding results. Since the mid 90’s, we have enjoyed a tremendous journey of learning from incredibly talented people and feel honored to have applied the majority of our career years toward the benefit of this company and our fellow associates. Our mission is one of continued growth and sustained “excellence in execution” within an impressive client base we are very proud of, and to future clients who we look forward to serving. This vision can only be realized with the most talented people in the most vital of places. We are very proud of our entire team and as we lead our management group and our associates toward the future, we draw great confidence in knowing that our success is in the hands of these highly capable people who share our passion for this great organization.




To successfully advance the business objectives of our customers through Alignment of Objectives and Excellence in Execution



Technical Associates will be the preferred supplier of engineering, fabrication, and installation services to an expanding customer base, recognized by customers and employees as an organization of excellence, high ethical standards and superior service