Construction Management

Technical Associates

Our industrial manufacturing customers understand how critical proper engineering and design is on any project. However, proper oversight of the installation of a project at the field level can truly make or break a project. Proper construction management is a must if the job is to be installed safely and efficiently. Our CM’s have vast experience in the oversight of hundreds of installations, large and small, and we cannot overemphasize the importance of this critical role.

As a project progresses from the design stage to the installation stage, TA can provide the on-site personnel that are the glue that holds the entire project team together and keeps them moving in the right direction and on schedule regarding all construction activities at a site. There are multiple entities involved to get a project installed correctly. The plant representatives, the client engineering representatives, TA design engineers and programmers, sub-contractors for electrical, piping, mechanical, and civil or structural work. The common interface is a good CM who can keep all players informed and operating with the right information, the right schedule, the right logistics, and the right attitude.

Regarding our construction management, it is vital to understand that the most important aspect of this role is to ensure the safety of everyone at the site. On larger installs, TA will supply a CM and a safety representative that will work together so that everyone follows proper safety protocol and returns home safely to their family after the day is done.

Our CM’s work to support the customer in the following areas:

  • General contracting 
  • Sub-contracting arrangements 
  • Installation scheduling and supervision 
  • Permitting 
  • Safety Programs 
  • Safety (OSHA) Training 
  • Code compliance 
  • Commissioning support 
  • Coordination of multiple subs and on-site activities 
  • Interface from customer to engineer or contractor

Many customers are looking for outside support to handle construction activities and contract arrangements as they simply cannot support this with in-house staffs who are stretched with their current workload or who are simply not certified in the areas of safety and construction management. TA can take this burden from you and ensure that your project is a success and that safety, during the construction phase, is priority one.





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