Technical Associates

Technical Associates prides itself that, for over 30 years, we have maintained our dedication to provide our clients with the most talented and dedicated engineering force in the business.  Our focus is to continually build and expand this talent in all disciplines and to apply the right technologies our customers require to make their project a success.

Technical Associates began in 1980 with an initial focus to provide engineering solutions to industrial manufacturing clients.  From the humble beginnings of supplying controls engineering support and cad service offerings to a few customers near our original office in Albany, Georgia, our company has evolved into a major player in the industrial engineering space providing a full service offering in all disciplines related to industrial work and to a wide variety of industry sectors spanning the entire United States.  In addition, we have provided engineering support in more than 18 countries and are currently on track to exceed over 400 resources.  It is imperative to us that we attract the best and the brightest in the engineering field and offer them an exceptional place to work where the opportunity for growth is undeniable.

Industrial manufacturing needs require flexibility, and no two companies have the same requirements. Adapting manufacturing processes for new products, maintaining or replacing aging equipment, and contending with changing customer needs require a great deal of experience and an unwavering dedication to the project’s success. 

Whether you need specialized engineering expertise or turn-key solutions, Technical Associates provides the appropriate level of technical expertise in a variety of disciplines including:

Project Management
Construction Management
Structural Engineering
Facilities Engineering
Process Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Machine Design
3D Modeling

Packaging Engineering
Material Handling
Electrical Engineering
Instrument Engineering
Advanced Controls
Manufacturing Execution Systems

Clients recognize Technical Associates’ success in helping our customers address their business objectives and our ability to provide exceptional engineering solutions to meet their manufacturing challenges.  

Today’s environment demands that engineering companies quickly adapt and the pressure of rapid response and faster turnaround times are increasing with our global competition.  TA welcomes this challenge and will continue to rise to the changing engineering dynamic with an ever expanding group of well trained, highly skilled, and highly motivated associates and employee owners. 

We encourage our engineers to become multi-skilled – able to offer customers more than just one skill based solution or a limited deliverable.  The more diverse and knowledgeable our workforce, the more flexible and responsive we can be to the demands of today’s global and competitive market place.  Many of our engineers understand process as well as controls.  Or packaging combined with mechanical and machine design applications.  Many engineers perform calculations or originate specifications while at the same time they have the ability to deliver cad drawings or 3d modeling.  

This kind of diverse education, training, and knowledge base is a powerful answer to a dynamic project environment and an unmistakable value add to the clients we serve.




To successfully advance the business objectives of our customers through Alignment of Objectives and Excellence in Execution



Technical Associates will be the preferred supplier of engineering, fabrication, and installation services to an expanding customer base, recognized by customers and employees as an organization of excellence, high ethical standards and superior service