Project Management

Technical Associates

When considering project management, most often, large initiatives or projects come to mind as they are complex, with many moving parts working toward one ultimate goal or set of goals.  However, at TA, we believe that project management methodologies should be applied on every project no matter how small and we live this philosophy by empowering our engineers who may be solely responsible for a small effort, to actively manage that project with the same tools and strategies our full time PM’s employ for larger project work.


After all, every project, no matter its magnitude, has the usual preconceived constraints which are schedule, scope, and budget.  The core philosophies of managing these constraints are the same and TA has developed strategies over the course of time to control and manage these challenges while meeting the projects ultimate objectives.  

In regards to large project initiatives, TA relies on our team of senior project managers who are well versed in standard industry practices regarding PM work as well as TA developed strategies and tools that enhance their ability to bring in a project on-time and within budget.  We consider project management to be a discipline within itself and understand that not every engineer will embrace the challenges that a PM will face.  Therefore, we select our PM’s very carefully and empower them to manage their scope, cost, and schedule, as well as the resources that are assigned to their work, as they are ultimately accountable for the project’s success.

Our company’s success obviously depends on our ability to successfully manage the project work we do.  The project must be profitable or we cannot do business.  The project must be on schedule as our customer has its own commitments to deliver on.  The project scope must be well defined and understood by the team to keep costs and scope in check.  And ultimately, the project must be on budget for the customer to win and for TA to win.  We well understand this and our PM’s are selected based on their track record of understanding these project dynamics and their proven ability to thrive on the challenges each project presents.

Our PM’s possess extensive knowledge in:

  • Estimating
  • Equipment and installation specifications
  • Equipment procurement
  • Vendor Selection
  • Bid preparation
  • Bid Reviews
  • Contractor Selection
  • Cost tracking
  • Project scheduling
  • Management of multi-disciplined engineering teams
  • Change Management
  • Project Reporting




To successfully advance the business objectives of our customers through Alignment of Objectives and Excellence in Execution



Technical Associates will be the preferred supplier of engineering, fabrication, and installation services to an expanding customer base, recognized by customers and employees as an organization of excellence, high ethical standards and superior service