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None of TA’s shared values is more essential than Safety. A quaint summary of this value is: Every Employee who leaves home for work with ten fingers and two eyes must return home to their families with ten fingers and two eyes - as healthy and whole as when they left! Our zero-tolerance Safety focus is one that we also share and cooperate to promote with every client we serve.


Safety is more than just measured by health and well-being. Fundamentally, Safety is an attitude, “safety consciousness,” that every employee exhibits in how they perform tasks together. This relational aspect we call our Safety Culture. Our Safety Culture is exhibited in three overlapping ways:

Prevention – Before work begins, workplace as well as work process safety audits are performed. When feasible, hazards are eliminated by engineering design and/or work procedures. Prevention provides 100% assurance that employees are inherently safe.

Protection – Some work necessarily entails exposure to hazards. Thus, over the past 30 years, our pre-work and periodic audits as well as industry and construction experience have helped define numerous specific , written policies. We refer to this as our Safety Program. In cases where protection is a must, our Program requires personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, respirators or hearing protection. Furthermore, the Safety Program provides the content for focused training/retraining and certification in any of a large number of areas such as in Lockout/Tagout, forklift operation or confined space entry. Similar to Prevention, Protection focuses on 100% mitigation of the effect of hazards, aligning with Client requirements and satisfying all regulatory standards.

Personal Care – Preventative and Protective measures are ineffective unless each employee embraces them personally. Thus, the most important component of our Safety Culture is our Employees. More than just concern for self-preservation, though, our Safety Program promotes our Employees’ continuous Personal Care for coworkers. Thus, a gentle reminder when safety glasses are missing or a safety harness is not tied off properly is received as caring teamwork, not confrontational ill will.

The effectiveness of Prevention, Protection and Personal Care is proved by our outstanding Safety record. Documentation is provided upon request when qualifying to engineer your project, fabricate and install your equipment or serve your production role.

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