Skid, Modules, & Systems Fabrication

TA Process Systems, LLC

Skidded process systems are particularly well suited to applications involving blending systems, batching systems, valve manifolds, processing tanks, pumping equipment and pumping systems, filter systems, CIP (Clean In Place), COP (Clean Out of Place), pasteurization and heat exchanger systems, water treatment equipment and slurry make-up systems. We’ve taken years of systems installation experience and developed a comprehensive and efficient strategy to turn virtually any system installation into a system of modular skids. All piping and equipment such as pumps, valves, heat exchangers, meters and other equipment is pre-assembled.

- Each system is designed to meet your particular process requirements and needs.
- System shipped with control panels and instrumentation prewired.
- System shipped pre-tested.
- Tubular stainless steel framework.
- Various agency approvals including UL, CUL, CSA and ASME.
- Integrated work platforms with easy maintenance access to equipment and components.
- Facilitate process expansion with additional modular skidded systems.
- PLC programming including operator interface available.
- Various construction materials available to suit any process.

Fabricated Skids, Systems, and Solutions:

  • Skidded Process Systems
  • Continuous / Multi Stream Blending
  • Carbonation Systems
  • Membrane Deaeration
  • Vacuum Deaeration
  • Ozone Generation
  • Powder Dissolving
  • Thermal Processing
  • Clean In Place Systems
  • Custom built to customer specifications.
  • 3A, BPE, ASME 31.1, 31.9, IX, AWS D1.1, D1.6, D18.1, D18.2
  • Double walled jacketed process piping
  • Tank/Pump/Instrumentation skid applications
  • Mixing, blending, pasteurization, and hold tubes
  • Control panel fabrication and skid wiring
  • In-house passivation and pressure testing
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