Ceramic Filtration System

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Ceramic Filtration System
Savings Project / Process Imporvement


Technical Associates provided full engineering and start-up support associated with the installation of a ceramic filtration system that separates waste yeast from the fermentation process and clear beer. Prior to installation of this system, this waste yeast/beer mixture was sent to process sewer impacting the brewery with significant sewer costs. With the new Ceramic Filtration System in operation, the brewery is able to sell concentrated yeast slurry for use in animal feed products, and recover clear beer to blend with existing beer during secondary fermentation. The ROI from the reduced sewer costs coupled with a marketable waste product and recovered beer was substantial. TA provided engineering support from project conception through final start-up in the areas of Mechanical/Process, Electrical/I&C, Structural and Programming. TA was an integral part of the Client Project Design team working with the major equipment suppliers (Filtration System, Pumps and Heat Exchangers) and the Breweries Corporate Team since this was the first full-scale installation in a US Brewery.

In addition to the engineering associated with installation of the Ceramic Filtration System, TA was involved in the design of the following support systems for this project:

  • - Dedicated CIP System
  • - Large Mix-Proof Valve Matrix
  • - Converting Tanks for Storage Waste Yeast and Recovered Beer Including Tank CIP Modifications
  • - Waste Yeast Load-Out System (Tank, Pump and Truck Load Out Stations)
  • - Process Drains

TA has supported the brewing industry for over 12 years in the areas of sanitary/process design, water treatment, utilities (including Ammonia) and packaging.

TA's mission

To design, model, integrate, and construction manage the install of a filtration system intended to save this customer significant dollars on process waste while supplying additional value by returning good product into the process.


Jackonville, Florida


  • - Project significantly reduced waste to sewer costs
  • - Project delivering good product back to process (recovery)
  • - Turn-key delivery on time and within budget
  • - First full scale installation at US brewery




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