Company Culture

Technical Associates

Our company has many office locations, a fabrication facility, installation equipment, and other assets that fill office space along with the hardware and software that give us the ability to execute the work we do for our clients every day. All of these things are common in every office and necessary for the function of everyday tasks. They do not in any way represent a culture. A culture is defined by the people who represent the organization and TA embraces a culture that we are extremely proud of.

At TA, we strive to instill an employee owned culture that promotes the healthy expression of ideas and one that empowers people to make a difference not only in the direction of the project or task they are working on, but one that makes a difference in our work environment, the quality of our work experience, and the positive interaction with each other during our daily work.

We choose where we work. We spend much of our lives in the workplace. It is necessary to offer fair compensation for work that individuals perform and it seems this is where the commitment ends for some organizations. However, in the employee ownership culture that TA enjoys, there are inherent additional commitments from our associates and the company to mutually support each other by living the values of mutual respect, recognition and celebration of people, and by empowering individuals to excel and affect positive change in the organization they own and work for.

We want individuals who can embrace ownership and accountability. We want those who expect to excel and work hard to do so. We want those who share a vision of expanding a company while maintaining the highest standard of care and quality and who would accept nothing less. And we want those who believe that it is not only an added benefit, but a necessity, to create a work environment that we can be proud of and lift up as an example of what can be created when people truly care about their company, their fellow associates, and their community, in addition to their own aspirations. That is the TA way.





To successfully advance the business objectives of our customers through Alignment of Objectives and Excellence in Execution



Technical Associates will be the preferred supplier of engineering, fabrication, and installation services to an expanding customer base, recognized by customers and employees as an organization of excellence, high ethical standards and superior service